The Pulp Super-Fan makes an initial survey of Robert M. Price’s Lovecraftian collections. Since Price’s podcasts have become scarce, I was unaware of his two collections of his own Mythos fiction, in 2019 and a follow-on in 2020.

His main 588-page book one can now be had as an affordable ebook, Blasphemies & Revelations. While the shorter companion of the following year, Horrors & Heresies, still seems to be in paperback only.

A look at his Amazon page also reveals… ahaa… what’s this… Crypt of Cthulhu #114 (July 2022) on Amazon as an ebook. Yes, a substantial new issue of Crypt came out in summer 2022 and is the first since 2019. Who knew? Includes a look at “Lovecraft and Cinema in his Day”, and an interview with David E. Schultz, among others.

The earlier #113 issue is still the latest listed over at the PDF downloads page.

I’ve updated my recent survey of ‘Lovecraft in 2022’ with the new information on Crypt. I’ve also added there the news about Derleth slipping into the public domain in Canada, now that this is confirmed (their new 2023 ’70-year law’ is not retrospective). Idle notion: what if Robert M. Price were to re-write Derleth’s ‘Lovecraft collaborations’ as they should have been… now that would be something to behold!