S.T. Joshi’s new Horror Fiction Index is published

a listing of nearly 3,300 single-author horror collections from 1808 to 2010. The print edition is a whopping 741 pages, containing a list of the collections (arranged alphabetically by author, and chronologically within a given author’s books) with their tables of contents, followed by indexes of names, collection titles, and story titles (nearly 30,000 of them).

It’s a ‘story finding-aid’, so far as I’m aware, and thus doesn’t also list prefaces, scholarly notes (or not), etc. Now available in paperback and ebook. I was pleased to be able to supply two of his ‘unknown contents’ listings. Joshi reports than only ten such ‘unknown’ collections remained un-solved by the time the book went to print. Hopefully someone will now pick this up and produce an expanded second edition in due course.