In Selected Letters Vol. V we encounter Lovecraft writing a late letter to Kleiner. Lovecraft recalls a “Chatham” as a key landmark from early in his New York City years…

the quaint familiar landmarks (Scotch Bakery – Chatham – 78 Columbia Heights, etc.)

This is not footnoted in the first edition of the Kleiner letters. No other reference to a “Chatham” occurs in Letters I have access to.

However the 1925 Diary comes to the rescue with… “Ph. Sug. Ho. Chatham Sq.” and one other mention of “Chatham”. The mention of “Sq.” led me to Chatham Square. This was a very major NYC transport intersection, with the Elevated railway there having fine views of the city skyline… along with less welcome chilly gusts.

Here we see one platform of the Chatham Square’s Elevated twin-platform station in the 1930s, as superbly photographed by Arnold Eagle. Presumably “Chatham” was where Lovecraft frequently met up with some of his Circle who were coming in on the Elevated, before they headed elsewhere.

And here we see a Chatham Square platform in the 1940s, and some of the rainy street below.