In France Editions Mnemos now has shipping dates for its giant Lovecraft ‘shelf-trembler’ of a set. It’s reported they crowd-funded nearly 400,000 Euros ($450,000) for a new French translation in a seven volume boxed-set.

Having apparently hefted the subscriber versions out the warehouse, the “publication of the edition dedicated to the bookstore” has now been announced. Presumably for open sale and apparently with a 5,000 copy print run. The stated dates are…

The Dreamlands (January 2022)

The Mountains of Madness (March 2022)

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (May 2022)

The Providence Cycle (September 2022)

The Horror Tales (November 2022)

The Essays, Correspondence, Poetry and Revisions (January 2023)

The Lovecraft Circle (March 2023). (“Around Lovecraft”, but I’m guessing a mis-translation for the ‘Circle’)

Also in France, a lecture musicale, set for 22nd January 2022 in the south of France. Seems to be a performance based around “Pickman’s Model” and a Q&A…

Using a singular instrumentation (electric bass & machines), they interweave original compositions, concrete music and electronic sounds, mirroring in sound Pickman’s underground universe.