Another round-up of items for H.P. Lovecraft’s 131st birthday. Most likely there are more to be found, when the search-engines catch up, and there may be a ‘part three’.

“Astrophobos 1917” has been released by the band Dreams in the Witch House…

In celebration of Lovecraft’s birthday on August 20th, 1890, the “Dreams in the Witch House” team presents this dynamic take on Lovecraft’s poem written in 1917.

Seemingly announced on the birthday, or else only just now picked up by the search-engines, The Shadow Over Innsmouth Vinyl LP Box Set from quality vinyl purveyors Psilowave Records, set to ship for Halloween. Possibly already sold out, judging by the ‘last one available’ flag I see.

A modestly-discounted clearance sale at the HPLHS store, until 23rd August 2021.

Several long birthday streaming podcasts on YouTube. Alongside the usual daily tidal-wave of readings, which is nothing unusual.

A nice H.P. Lovecraft, the Man of Madness ‘speedtoon’ for the birthday, in which AniMio Studios shows how exactly how to draw and fill-paint a toon Lovecraft. He’s got to work on squaring off the jaw, but it’s otherwise a rather pleasing little art tutorial.

And finally, leftists also chose the day to desecrate Lovecraft’s gravestone with some crude scrawling. Best ignored, I’d suggest.