It’s just gone noon here in the UK, so I’ll make a first pass at a 131st Birthday round-up. The search-engines have evidently not yet caught up with indexing the Italian, German, South American etc Web content, so there will likely be another ‘part two’ post.

As previously noted the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival returns to Providence on the birthday weekend, 20th-22nd August 2021. Many shorts and movies will debut at the lavish and historical venue.

Film-maker Ferran Brooks ushers the master into a tentacular rejuvenation chamber on YouTube. Impressive visuals. Italian Lovecraftian Andrea Bonazzi also has an animated birthday card somewhere on Twitter. Unmentionable horror trigger-warning: Lovecraft is made to smile in both.

The scholarly Lovecraft Annual No. 15, 2021 was announced with a table-of-contents. No cover-colour this year — transparent cellulose, perhaps?

The Mexican Lovecraftians have what appears to be a birthday symposium in Mexico City.

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre chose the day to ship the digital deliveries on their new “The Horror in the Museum” production. CDs will be shipping by the end of the month.

BitGolem has released a free Dagon in VR game for the birthday.

On ArtStation illustrator Andrea Guardino has a fine birthday Cthulhu painting.

I released a free index for Lovecraft’s poetry, as found in the second edition of The Ancient Track.

I also updated my “Lovecraft for beginners” guide/FAQ page, and Bobby Derie has what appears to be a new FAQ page for Lovecraft.