A couple more recent free LORAs, of possible interest to artists and/or RPG makers. A LORA is a ‘style plugin’ used for AI image generation with the free Stable Diffusion 1.5, which is run in free desktop software such as InvokeAI 3.x.

Paper Background makes drawings and plans on vintage paper, of obvious use for emulating field notes or dusty diagrams of dastardly devices. The demo images suggest diagrams, but it can obviously do far more. Might also be used at lower power in combination with the Bestiarum LORA, for making ‘naturalist field notebook’ type monster-spotting guides.

More sci-fi is UFOMaker, now also newly for SD 1.5. Not just your classic 1960s frisbee UFO, but “all types of UFOs and spaceships”.

Also, there’s new Python-based AI freeware that auto-translates comics other than Japanese manga. Such as Euro BDs.