A new series of Lovecraft Country sourcebooks from the makers of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, under the series title “Arkham Unveiled” and with the first book possibly titled “Call of Cthulhu: Arkham”. Supposedly the series is to start publishing in February 2024 [update: Amazon now says March 15th] and will then grow to cover Kingsport and Innsmouth etc. Which has been done before by Chaosium, often several times, though possibly not in such a “thick n’ slick” format as in this rather sumptuous and expensive-looking new series.

New Miskatonic University and Dreamlands sourcebooks are also said to be pencilled in. It might be nice to see some inter-twingling between those two, perhaps with several of the professors having investigated first-hand accounts of the Dreamlands and there also being some way to access the Dreamlands via some “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”-like secret device at the University. You’ll recall that in the early “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” (1919) the protagonist sees into ‘cosmic dreamscapes’ via a self-invented device.