A few more AI LORAs from over Christmas, free plug-ins suitable for making science-fiction and fantasy images with AI image generators. These are more newly discovered than new.

New, the Terran Trade Authority space art style LORA. TTA was a British book series that republished the best sci-fi paperback cover-art of the 1960s and 70s, weaving around them a coherent future timeline of spacefaring, space-wrecks and explorers.

Might be used with the newly discovered kaodiiLandscapeMix – night – v1.0, a rare full model dedicated to dusk and night paintings. As such, possibly of use for the more subtle types of horror painting, and dimly-illuminated space art planetscapes.

Newly discovered, an Ice Age LORA, for making various types of scene look icy and snowy. Possibly of interest to those devising pictures of ‘Conan in the cold wastes’ or ‘Lovecraftian cities at the pole’, etc, but also ‘ice planets’.

Newly discovered, lurking at HuggingFace. RetroFutur, an Embedding rather than a LORA (they work in a similar way). Note this is for SD 2.1 786 rather than the usual 1.5. Gives sort of a Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow look…

And, since this is Kitty Tuesday, note the same maker has a KittyPic embedding, for photoreal cats in SD 2.1 786. Do not combine with RetroFutur to create visions of the Greater Ulthar Cat Empire of 2499… do not… oh, too late.

See also my new mega-list “I battled through 20,000 anime girls… so you don’t have to” (December 2023).