More ‘style LORAs’, plugins for AI models, new in the last ten days or so. Plucked from among the daily tidal-wave of LORAs for individual game and anime characters. These are for use with a suitable AI model, plugged into desktop software such as InvokeAI or ComfyUI.

SyFyEye1 – v2.0. Big sci-fi landscapes, with large planets / moons in the sky, veering towards ‘wallpaper’ rather than old-school space-art.

The above might be used in combination with the also-new Grand Scale LORA.

The Shadow v1.0. The pulp character.

Aliens from “Mars Attacks”.

Horror Manga in the modern b&w manga style. Looks a bit toony, but you might be able to push it more towards a Junji Ito look. Perhaps in combo with the new Junji Ito LORA, even.

Book cover with face. Possibly of special interest to RPG makers needing artwork.

Alfred Bestall Style, creator of the British comics character Rupert the Bear. Also looks useful for a ‘1930s vintage artwork’ look with suitably muted printed colours, rather than the garish colours of modern reprints. However, to ‘de-age’ faded paper prints and old paintings a bit, you might look at the White Papper LORA.

By the way, the latest power-metric for AI image-making speedsters is… “cats per second” (CPS). Several new tweaks / modules have recently enabled near real-time AI generation of images. At the same time the power-draw is going down. These things will be running in a display panel on the side of your breakfast toaster before long. Or perhaps first in a nude-y camera, given the interests of most AI users.