More looking through CivitAI, which is the main repository for free generative AI image models and plugins. There’s a lot there, and it can take a lot of digging to find stuff.

There’s some obvious Cthulhu / Giger / pulp etc stuff. But here are some other interesting non-obvious items, which seem to have Lovecraftian and RPG potential, and which you would never find via search.

These two might be combined in interesting ways… SAMO bones carving (intricate ivory carving) and Occult Geometry.

You would be able to use negative prompting to steer the Bone Carving away from an Anime / Chinese look, and more toward Giger / Lovecraft.

And for RPGs and illustrations involving museums, explorers etc…

KnollingCase (puts X inside an old fashioned specimen case for museums).

Antixdisplay (puts X inside a modern museum display case).

And for Victorian / Edwardian explorers, Muttonchops / Sideburns (Realistic) (for men) and DrawingSD1.5 (19th century pen and wash pictures) for the explorer’s old books of field-notes.

How far AI image generation has come, in just a year. What will another year bring?