New on to borrow, Miscellaneous Writings. Most will have access to this material elsewhere. But some may want to look up old ‘page-number references’, found in scholarly writing on Lovecraft, that they have been unable to check due to lack of access.

Talking of once-obscure items, S.T. Joshi brings news of a “major auction of books and other matter devoted to the field of weird fiction”, set for Halloween 2023 at Bonhams in Boston. Sounds like the plot of a Mythos story, already. What may interest readers of Tentaclii is that Bonhams are still seeking consignments of quality/rare eldritch items for the auction. In that regard, don’t forget there’s also PulpFest 2023 in August.

Joshi’s latest blog post also spots a late ‘Lovecraft as character’ appearance, at the end of the movie Incident in a Ghostland (2018), and he useful identifies the actor.