S.T. Joshi announces a new anthology, The Weird Cat. Nope, not 1960s groovy hep-cat hippies in San Francisco. It’s the furry variety…

that this [anthology] has some features not present in other such volumes — notably its wide chronological range and its inclusion of fiction, poetry, essays, and even a letter (by Lovecraft, of course).

He gives the contents list. Shorter items only, by the look of it, so “Beware the Cat!” (1561) is not present.

While you’re waiting for the book, a new H.P. Lovecraft’s poem “Cats” (AI assisted short film) is new on YouTube. It’s amazing that AI knows how to craft a cat (an amazingly multi-formed creature, in terms of posture and silhouette) in a few seconds, let alone can put many of them on video at once.