This week on my regular ‘Picture Postals’ post… Lovecraft’s Quebec, in my pick of old photographs newly colourised. You’ll recall that Lovecraft wrote nearly an entire book on the place, as well as went into rhapsodies in his letters. One suspects that his friend Everett McNeil must have been here at one time, since Lovecraft later laments that his own interest in old Canada and Quebec came late… and thus he never had a chance to discuss with ‘Good Old Mac’ one of his favourite topics.

Lower Town.

Little Champlain Street.

Sous le Cap Street.

Breakneck Steps.

Montcalm’s House.

Cote de la Montagne and the Post Office.

The city was, for Lovecraft, also a potent draught of the pre-revolutionary France of the Bourbons. Or that was how he saw it. Others were disappointed in the place. His correspondent Helen Sully for instance, though perhaps she was swept up in the usual tourist hustle. Lovecraft was cannier and knew how to escape such wily wallet-emptying locals.

Citadel Ramparts.

Citadel Ridge with cannon.

View from the Citadel. Old Town and river beyond.