A nice scan of a supposed “H.P. Lovecraft” novel, newly popped up on honest Abe’s sales site. The cover demonstrates that, even as late as 1993-95, the average person could pick up a Derleth paperback at a news-stand book-spinner rack… and think it was by Lovecraft. In fact, just over 1,000 words by Lovecraft, with the rest of the novel by Derleth.

The British publisher Panther was rather more honest in 1973-75, admitting up-front on the cover that it was likely to be a Derleth stitch-a-thon.

Interestingly, for a book that supposedly shifted some 100,000+ copies in all, an Amazon UK search suggests it’s now thoroughly out-of-print and has no audiobook. Are the currently owners of Derleth’s estate missing a trick there?