A “MinnConn” paper flyer, said to be from Minneapolis in 1975. The picture is from a new Abe sale listing (now sold). “MinnConn” was presumably fannish, but nothing can be discovered about it under that name. Possibly a mis-typing for Minicon (Minneapolis)?

Ah yes, here we go… it must have been for the Minicon 10 (Minneapolis) fan convention held in April 1975. There was no autumn fall-con in Minneapolis in 1975, so that must be it. Sadly Archive.org only has the convention booklet and not the initial PR flyers.

The photo is of Lovecraft somewhere out in the wilds, standing on a spur of rock. Possibly a coastal rock-cleft. He looks to be a chunky young fellow (no ‘reducing’ diet, yet), and may be wearing glasses. Honeymoon?

Do any Tentaclii readers know, offhand, where a larger version of this picture might be found?

Update: It’s August 1922 at Magnolia, Mass., though the online version that gives the date/location is still small and also cropped. Is there a bigger print version somewhere?