New on Librivox as a free public-domain audiobook, Dorothy Scarborough’s pioneering book The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction (1917). S.T. Joshi called it…

a thematically exhaustive but critically undistinguished work that nevertheless is a landmark for its mere existence. […] Lovecraft would not read [the book] until 1932; but when he did so, he rightly criticised it as being overly schematic in its thematic analyses and hampered by an amusing squeamishness in the face of the explicit horrors of Stoker, Machen, and others.

Still, it may be of interest to Lovecraftians who would have liked the convenience of an audiobook version. Or those looking for a succinct contemporary “thematic analysis” of the available pre-WWI material, unhindered by the psychological theory / leftist politics of later eras.

Cornell University Library has a nice scan of the paper book, free on