Dark Worlds Quarterly has a fine new survey, with a few predictably gory examples, of vintage Lovecraft in Black & White. This being a survey of b&w comics that have, over the decades, adapted various Lovecraft tales.

I especially liked the look of the opening splash page for “The Music of Erich Zann” adapted by Roy Thomas, in the short-lived Masters of Terror #2 (September 1975). Masters of Terror was a b&w magazine-format comics anthology published under Marvel’s Curtis cover-imprint, offering reprints.

I tracked it down online and found the same (final) issue also had “Pickman’s Model”, again adapted by Roy Thomas…

A rather good “Zann” reprint then, but from where? A little digging finds it was originally in colour under the title “The Music From Beyond” in Marvel’s regular-sized Chamber Of Darkness (issue #5, June 1970). This issue had nice Kirby pencilled cover-art, and a Kirby tale inside, so is collectable and thus pricey today.