Congratulations to S.T. Joshi who posts that he’s now approaching his 400th book, not counting the various ‘revised and expanded’ editions.

He notes that…

My edition of the letters of Clark Ashton Smith, Donald and Howard Wandrei, and R.H. Barlow is also close to ready

Interesting. Presumably the letters not sent to Lovecraft or other major correspondents such as Derleth or R.E. Howard?

He’s also headed to New York City soon, to do research relating to the letters of Lovecraft’s friend Frank Belknap Long. He further notes his…

proposed volume of [early Lovecraft collaborator] Winifred Virginia Jackson’s collected poetry. David E. Schultz has already done an incredible amount of work on this project, but some of her poetry remains elusive.

Thus if you have any unique Winifred Virginia Jackson poetical items tucked away, now’s the time to speak up.