The Deleuze Seminars, ‘A Thousand Plateaus’, given 1975-1976 in Paris and filmed for a ‘French philosophy as it is lived’ project of the period. Now online.

[He] focuses on the molecular multiplicities defined through their dimensions, specifically their maximal dimension that is the borderline. […] his extended example comes from H.P. Lovecraft [and he later] refers to Lovecraft’s story, “The Outsider”, which provides a term to describe the peripheral status in molecular multiplicities, “the one you don’t expect”, the unnamable, and from which another borderline can be acquired. […] A third, very brief fragment commences in mid-quotation from Lovecraft (located in print in A Thousand Plateaus, p. 251) that provides Deleuze with way to discuss the possibility of numerous dimensions possessed by molecular multiplicities. This brings him to propose the plane of consistency or the rhizosphere as the common intersection of all these multiplicities by a plane.