Newly listed, what appears to be a new book of translations of Lovecraft’s letters… or at least, new to the French in French. Selection de lettres (1927-1929): De vagues fragments d’un reve dans lequel je n’ai rien s faire (‘Vague fragments of a dream in which I have nothing to do’) was due in March but is now listed as shipping in early April 2023…

The translator Vincent-Pierre Angouillant offers us the translation of a hundred letters by Lovecraft. Knowing his impressive letters makes his fictional universe an even richer experience. Never before published in France, these letters are but a fragment of Lovecraft’s surviving correspondence. Often he reveals what seems an ordinary daily life, yet this is described in a style unique to Lovecraft and we can only marvel at the ways in which he interweaves his immense erudition. The reader will also encounter striking accounts of his dreams and nightmares, sometimes amounting to tales in their own right, in which the master instantly transports us into his horrific universe.

A chunky 600-page book, apparently. Looks good, if you’re a French Lovecraftian.

I see the same translator also has Selected Letters of an Anachronistic Gentleman (2022) which collected in one volume his two earlier volumes of translated letters and one booklet of 1925 letters. He seems to have started with his 1925 booklet in August 2021, and is rapidly working his way through the letters from there.