Chaosium has an interesting new interview video which looks at how Call of Cthulhu and other RPG books are put together, both in the past and today. The blurb uses “TTRPG” which is just industry-speak for = Tabletop Role-playing Game.

Elsewhere, Dave Higgins has a new player-review of Call of Catthulhu RPG. I think I may have spotted this back when it was a Kickstarter, but it’s expanded a bit since then…

the entire game is based in genuine cat behaviour seen through the lens of affection, creating a pervasive sense of whimsy, the rules based around play-acting veer even more strongly into the humorous.

For real-cats, ‘Strange Maps’ has the latest on the fast-changing picture of the great European house-cat migration in pre-history. Domesticated felines were in Poland in 6,000 B.C.