Mediachance has revealed a Cyber Monday discount. This one-man developer mostly makes worthy arty Photoshop plugins and filters, and now offers a further 25% off everything via a coupon-code.

But this offer is of interest to Tentaclii readers because of his CQuill Writer. This is his labour-of-love innovative AI-ish creative writing assistant, which I liked when I tried the free version. It helps you emulate the style of a famous writer by ‘digesting’ their corpus. The ‘one-time purchase’ paid version will let you ingest Lovecraft’s tales, and thus make the master a prompting ‘style assistant’ as you write. This is not as annoying as it sounds, and it works really well. The software can also serve as a far more user-friendly Scrivener equivalent for planning and organising a large work of fiction.

With the discount you should be looking at somewhere around $35, maybe $42 with a local sales tax added. If that’s worth paying will depend on how much you want to emulate Lovecraft, Tolkien, etc. If you don’t, or can do that without prompting, then just use the free version.

I also noticed 50% off (via a front-page coupon-code) at the RetroSupply Co. including the 1950s trash-comic TOOM Horror Comic Font, which may interest makers of faux retro items for RPGs.