My thanks to ‘Susmuffin’ for locating Ray Bradbury’s Martian story “The Exiles” (1950 version), featuring Lovecraft as a character. It appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Winter/Spring 1950. Though a Mars story it is not formally part of The Martian Chronicles, being set long after the end of that cycle. By that time Mars has been abandoned by humans, but the first new colonists are now arriving and they encounter what might be Martian ‘ghosts’ in human form. Ironically, given the censorship theme of the story, the Lovecraft section was excised for later printings of the story.

I’ve extracted it in a printable plain-text form as a PDF, in the hope that a reader with a talent for voices might make it an audio recording for YouTube: Bradbury_The_Exiles_1950.pdf