Along with the forthcoming mega-index to the completed volumes of Letters, it struck me that we could also use a companion volume containing maps. ‘Orienting’ maps, in outline but still somewhat detailed. Map that quickly tell readers where one place was in relation to another. I’d suggest the following:

1. Lovecraft’s Providence (the topography and places known as a boy)

2. Lovecraft’s Providence (post-1914).

3. Lovecraft’s College Hill and Marketplace (including tunnels).

4.   ”  Places near Providence (Dark Swamp etc).

5.   ”  Brooklyn.

6.   ”  New York City.

7.   ”  New England coastline.

8.   ”  Dots-on-the-map. A general ‘dot-map’ of Lovecraft’s excursion and trip destinations east of the Mississippi and up into Canada.

9.   ”  Florida and his southern excursions.

10.   ”  Circle locations (their origins, places).

11.   ”  Far-flung Empire (his interest in particular far-flung places, places used in fiction etc).

Appendix: Map and mapping sources known to have been owned, used, consulted by Lovecraft.

Appendix: Bibliography of maps known to exist, relating to the original Lovecraft material (i.e. not the wider and later Mythos).

Appendix: List of important addresses in Lovecraft’s life.

Might be done in a suitable period style…