Eurogamer magazine has a new interview with the maker of one of the best games of 2020, the acclaimed and strongly Lovecraftian Call of the Sea, “Lovecraft, new studios, and the legacy of Myst”

“It was one of my favourite games of last year. And you’ve just been nominated for a BAFTA…” [British version of the Oscars, which includes games and TV]

There is of course a constant weekly tidal-wave of Lovecraftian games, comics, metal albums, table-top RPGs and suchlike, and Tentaclii can only briefly note the best here. Of which…

* The Sinking City (2019), the big Lovecraftian Innsmouth-alike videogame of 2019, is now said to be back on the retail shelves after a legal dispute.

* Gou Tanabe’s eagerly awaited manga graphic-novel of “The Dunwich Horror” is taking a break from serial publication in Japanese and will be back in July, which will likely put the English edition back by four months or so.