Advance notice on some anniversaries for 2023…

50 years (1973):

(The year Lovecraft broke through to a mass audience)

“Over a million paperback [Ballantine] editions of Lovecraft’s work had apparently been sold in the USA by June 1973” (Joshi, Time magazine).

In the UK, the Panther paperbacks of Lovecraft (Dagon, The Lurking Fear, Lurker at the Threshold).

Lovecraft’s Supernatural Horror in Literature (as a popular cheap paperback Dover edition, 1973).

First hoax Necronomicon.

Esoteric Order of Dagon… “an amateur press organization formed by a group of Lovecraft devotees in 1973”.

Dirk W. Mosig begins writing on Lovecraft.

Wilfred B. Talman, “The Normal Lovecraft” (1973).

The Revised H.P. Lovecraft Bibliography (1973).

80 years (1943):

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath published (1943, Arkham House, in Beyond the Wall of Sleep).

The Commonplace Book published (1943, Arkham House, in Beyond the Wall of Sleep).

Publication of “the first bibliography of HPL, by Francis T. Laney and William H. Evans (1943)” (Joshi).

100 years (1923):

Lovecraft completes his run of his amateur journal The Conservative.

Publishes “The Lurking Fear” shocker serial in Home Brew.

Weird Tales founded.

Lovecraft’s first appearance in a pulp magazine (Weird Tales).

“The Rats in the Walls”, “The Festival”.

120 years (1903):

The Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy.