I’m pleased to see that Ken Faig Jr.’s new book Lovecraftian People and Places is now listed on Amazon UK and dated there “12th April 2022”. Over at Hippocampus the page for the book usefully notes that… “All essays have been revised for publication in this collection.”

Incidentally I see that Lovecraft Annual No. 15 (2021) is currently half-price at Amazon UK. It’s still waiting for my review here. I read ‘a few essays in’ last autumn and then put it down. My interest in Lovecraft tends to be somewhat seasonal, strongest in May-September. I’ll have to re-start the 2021 Annual reading sometime before the summer of 2022 comes to an end. I’m pleased to say that editor Joshi has accepted an item by me for a future Annual, and another for his Penumbra journal.