The March report from the main German Lovecraftian group states… “320 active members in the association”. Compared to the few dozen who met in the early days. They have an annual meeting coming up on 24th April, and a residential ‘Miskatonic University’ in mid August 2022 in Duderstadt. Their open FHTAGN RPG continued to develop and “work on the English translation is also ongoing”. Their CthulhuWiki Writing Season saw a major revision of their Arthur Machen article in German, among others. They’re also making a Dreamlands film, with location filming due… “at the end of May in the Black Forest and near Nuremberg”.

Meanwhile, over in nearby Hungary, the new Aether #12 podcast from the Hungarian Lovecraftians. They’re reading Horkheimer (good luck) but also the Lovecraft Annual #2 (“Knowledge in the Void: Anomaly, Observation, and the Incomplete Paradigm Shift in H. P. Lovecraft’s Fiction”); and S.T. Joshi’s A Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosophy of H.P. Lovecraft.