Popped up on eBay, a 1972 bird’s eye view of one of Lovecraft’s favourite summer places. The wooded bluffs above the Seekonk, Providence. Specifically the bluffs either side of York Pond.

At the present moment I am seated on a wooded bluff above the shining river which my earliest gaze knew and loved. This part of my boyhood world is unchanged because it is a part of the local park system [Blackstone Park, alongside the Seekonk] — may the gods be thanked for keeping inviolate the scenes which my infant imagination peopled with fauns and satyrs and dryads!” (Selected Letters IV)

It strikes me that an annual and thorough ‘Lovecraft March’ litter-pick (U.S.: trash-pickup?) across the bluffs might be a nice way of honouring his memory, each 1st March? Or whenever the ground becomes less moist in Rhode Island.