The Polish Litteraria Copernicana journal, Vol. 4 No. 40 (2021), is a Lovecraft special-issued titled “Lovecraftiana”. In mixed Polish and French, with a couple or articles using English if you click through to the actual PDF. All under permissive Creative Commons.

In rough translation:

* Introduction.

* Lovecraft Country, a TV series against Lovecraft?

* The Imaginary Universe of Lovecraft: through the prism of animated cinema. [Discusses History of the Necronomicon (Hideke Takayama, 1987); The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories (Ryo Shinagawa, 2008) – which also adapted “Picture in the House” and “The Festival”; and The Night Ocean (Maria Lorenzo Hernandez, 2015).]

* Messengers From Other Worlds: asteroids, science and mythology in The Color Out of Space and Fireball. [English PDF]

* Representing The Unrepresentable: videogame adaptation of Lovecraft and the question of figurability.

* Could Lovecraft Create An Appearance Of Normality? [English PDF. An off-putting title, but it turns out to be a close historical reception-study of how… “the works of Lovecraft were an important touchstone for the revival of Catalan non-mimetic fiction in the post-war era.”]

In the issue’s additional material the following seem relevant to the theme:

* The French Theatre of Fear [Review].

* Anders Fager and the tradition of post-Lovecraftian narrative. [Personal think-piece or appreciative overview?]