Some nice new free 3D writing accessories for the free DAZ Studio 3D figure rendering software. Thought not historically exact they have the correct feel and look for H.P. Lovecraft, and offer his preferred simple black as a colour.

The Meshbox / Miyre H.P. Lovecraft Poser figure has now been updated to also work with DAZ Studio, and there’s now a free pack of 24 Expressions for Lovecraft 3D.

If you want real digital inks, as a simple starter I can recommend the free Dave’s Inker Set 2013 for Photoshop. They don’t look much at all, and there are only two brushes, but they’re very nice smooth ‘speed inkers’. They also scale up very well, by which I mean that even when the brush size is made a lot bigger they don’t lag on a big 4k canvas.