New from the makers of Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP), CQuill Writer. It’s just had the first update for 1.0. The free version is…

Offline and “fully working and non-expiring version with limitations. It still offers a whole range of writing and plotting tools to is perfectly usable for smaller to medium sized projects … [CQuill Writer is] unlike anything else because that was the whole idea behind making it

The Style Assistant is based from a specific work of an existing author … Style Assistant comes from written books (e.g. Pride and Prejudice) and it instantly shows examples of entire phrases. … If the Assistant stumbles upon a word that the author didn’t use or like, it will try to suggest another word, more common for the author’s style. … If you can get a book in plain TXT format (for now), you can load it and create your own Assistant.

So… all that could come from Lovecraft. Although making your own Style Assistant is a feature of the paid version, currently at the introductory price of $47.

Videos: Create your own Smart Writing Assistant and How to Generate Author’s Thesaurus from multiple books.

A hands-on test shows it lubricates the writing quite well, and I had the opening paragraph of an Anne of Green Gables tale before I knew where I was. Here are the modules that ship with the latest free version.

You also get a free ‘Monkey Typist’ that can complete your current sentence, possibly with amusing consequences.