Weird Tales, 1927.

At Heritage Auctions, newly listed… H[oward] P[hillips] Lovecraft. Autographed Manuscript Signed. LotID #11039. Bidding begins 23rd September 2021. No photos as yet.

Autographed Manuscript Signed for the short story, Pickman’s Model. … Signed by the author on the first leaf. … Near fine.

A rare chance then to get hold of a Lovecraft original written by his hand in Providence, in early September 1926 to be exact. What will it fetch? Don’t know, but I guess anyone with three or four old Bitcoins lying around will be in with a chance.

Written on the backs of old letters to Lovecraft, which are itemised. Including…

Leaf 7: Unknown, signed “G. D,” Chelsea Book Shop stationary, 3 July [no date]. Regarding an upcoming visit to Providence.

G. D. — anyone have any ideas? Perhaps a George in New York City, who knew Kirk and had thus been given some of the shop’s surplus stationary? Kirk was ‘George Willard Kirk’, so it can’t be Kirk using just his first two initials.

The auction is part of the 14th October 2021 auction for the “The Gary Munson Collection of Horror and Fantasy Rare Books”. Includes choice editions of very key books, such as Dracula, The Time Machine and The Lord of the Rings.