On H.P Lovecraft’s 131st birthday, I’m pleased to present my offering to the Master. An Index for the book The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H.P. Lovecraft (second revised edition). I had often felt the lack of a ‘topic, imagery, place and name’ index for this 600-page volume, so I made one.

Download (PDF). Version 1.1, August 2021.

It’s 3,000 words as a 32-page PDF file, and as such it should be feasible to print as a little imposition-software booklet and slip between card covers. Or upload it to a POD booklet printer. Note that it’s not under Creative Commons and is not for re-sale, please.

I suspect that the Guild of Indexers will not be sending me a gilt-edged invitation card to their annual Christmas Ball, on seeing this. I did it my way, without poring over weighty manuals on indexing, but it should be perfectly serviceable for Lovecraftian look-ups. There are no line-numbers though, as that would have added far too much extra work. Thus you will need to skim down the page to find the item being searched for.