A few snippets from items newly arrived on Archive.org…

1. Lovecraft, as understood by a book reviewer for a journal for high school English teachers, January 1946. He reviews the then-new HPL by Derleth, and Supernatural Literature. This is not to be found in the collection of early Lovecraft criticism, A Weird Writer In Our Midst. The reviewer makes the interesting observation that it was only with a long radio dramatization of “The Dunwich Horror” that Lovecraft really “arrived” in the national consciousness.

Henry I. Christ was, incidentally, a real person and not Derleth using an especially grandiose pen-name.

2. Also new is Venus on the half-shell and others, collecting various pseudonymous and pen-name tales by Philip Jose Farmer. The introduction briefly itemizes a few of his planned stories in this vein that were never written or completed by Farmer. His interminable Riverworld series managed to put me off him for life, after a few books… but I wouldn’t have minded reading his take on “The Feaster from The Stars”. “Unfinished” suggests it exists somewhere as a draft and/or notes.