Well, well… an issue of The Dark Man, journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, snuck-out the door at Christmas 2020 (Vol. 11, No. 2). It’s news to me, and perhaps to you. Looking at the TOCs it seems like it’s worth my getting a copy this time around, as all items sound at least interesting. Though at present it’s not yet in ebook.

The Dark Man, Volume 11, Number 2, 102 pages.


* “Harsh Sentences: H.P. Lovecraft vs. Ernest Hemingway” by Bobby Derie.
* “A Publication History of The Dark Man” by Luke E. Dodd.
* “Illustrated Auguries: Images Out of Time” by Phil Emery.
* “Deviations from Realism in High and Low Literature” by Jason Ray Carney.
* “Cosmic Horror: Lost in Translation” by Jacob Lindner.
* “A Brief Analysis of the Aesthetic of Weird Tales” by Mara Tharp.


* Book: The Howard Companion, by Richard Toogood. Reviewed by Gary Romeo.
* Book: Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta, by J. David Spurlock. Reviewed by Dierk Gunther.