An early springtime theme for the ‘Picture Postals’ this week. Views from the Lincoln Woods that Lovecraft so enjoyed on warm days, taking his reading and writing bag to the large rock by the lake. You can see the rock in the distance here…

the Quinsnicket or Lincoln Woods region which I have haunted all my life.” — letter from Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith, 1933.

Here are more vintage pictures, newly colorised…

A closer view of the rock, across the lake.

A rock massing that might have evoked a feeling of ‘cyclopean ruins’.

And finally, here is ‘the Butterfly House’, also part of the park. Not a house for butterflies, but named for the curious iridescent wings shape made by the cut blocks on the facing at the side of the house. They are clearly visible here. This house is not the same as the nearby…

picturesque ivied ruins of an ancient mill which I knew in youth.

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Lincoln Woods explored as Lovecraft knew the place. This reveals that the Druid Circle stones as known today are not the same as they were in the 1920s. They were damaged by the “blasting and road work” of the 1930s New Deal work-parties.