There’s a new HPLHS Fundraiser to Preserve Lovecraft’s Letters to Frank Belknap Long

A collection of original letters from Lovecraft to his friend Frank Belknap Long is being sold by a private collector. The 52 letters were written between 1920-1931 and total 509 pages, of which many have never been published. We believe these letters should be acquired and donated to the permanent collection at Brown, but the price is rather high.

So these are not the letters from “Long to Lovecraft”, as recently mentioned by S.T. Joshi on his blog. But rather unknown(?) and certainly ‘many unpublished’ letters from “Lovecraft to Long”. I imagine most of them cluster in 1920-1924 and 1927-30 (since he and Long were largely face-to-face in New York in the middle of the period).

The Italians also have their own video explainer for the campaign.

A note on upscaling, using AI Gigapixel, obviously used on the interior photo on the stamp when it’s seen a larger size. It looks fine above, but not when larger. For best results on that sort of image use the very latest version, in ‘Compressed’ mode and turn on ‘Face refinement’ (now far better than it used to be). Keep de-blur and noise-reduction very low.