Just released in Spain, the new book Ideology and Scientific Thought in H.P. Lovecraft, published by Comares and written in Spanish the author says it’s in English.

The new title is from the teacher of English Philology at the University of Cordoba, in Spain. He’s also the author of “Unspeakable Languages: Lovecraft editions in Spanish”, to be found in Lovecraft Proceedings #2, 2017, and “Gothic Mythology: “The Moon-Bog” and the Greek Connection” in Lovecraft Annual #8 (2014).

The new 257-page book has an English abstract. From which…

Lovecraft was heavily influenced by some scientists he read during his lifetime: Darwin, Galton, Haeckel, Planck, Einstein… and they had a strong impact in the writer’s perception of the world. This volume pays special attention to scientific issues present in his narrative, in order to cast light on how different scientific disciplines might have influenced Lovecraft’s ideological background.