The Pulp Super-Fan considers what should be in the next Who’s Who in New Pulp. I was surprised to read that Cirsova wasn’t listed under magazines. I thought that Cirsova Magazine #1 (Spring 2019) was a key recent moment and exemplar for New Pulp (of the sort that attempts to emulate the old magazines)? But perhaps the Who’s Who compiler considers the title to be a book series? I’ll take a look when I get around to fully reading the Kindle ebook version. I featured Who’s Who in the latest Digital Art Live magazine, but it probably needs a full review here at some point, paired with some of the other new and older books on pulp writing.

I’d add another suggestion for a future edition: writers who state they are interested in: i) licencing their plots and characters for production by comics publishers; and ii) writers interested in considering a ‘proposal for collaboration’ with indie comics artists; with a pointer to iii) an appendix outlining a brief standardised ‘approach package’ that artists should send to writers, to aid in easy evaluation of the proposal.