A night-view from Prospect Terrace, Providence, 1930s, as published in the city’s local newspaper.

The twilight is now getting too dim for writing—this [letter] being indited on Prospect Terrace, a small park not far from 10 Barnes [address of Lovecraft’s home], on the crest of the steep hill overlooking the spires & domes of the lower town out-spread to the west 200 feet [below]. The view from here is especially alluring & mystery-suggesting at sunset, & I not infrequently bring my work hither at such—& other—times.”   — Lovecraft letter to Toldridge, 12th August 1932.

There’s a long dot, just to the left of the tower, that I haven’t cleaned away. It could be an airship of the 1930s.

On the 1928 tower, and its effects at night, see the Christmas 2018 Friday ‘picture postals’ from Lovecraft: the Industrial Trust Building.