The Lovecraftians of Hungary are seeking sponsors for their planned Spring 2021 national/regional meet-up event, and hope to launch a crowdfunding appeal in October 2020. As such they…

are open to ideas and suggestions, we welcome anyone who can share with us their experience of organizing and running such a campaign.

This also all for 2021, but they also note that…

However, all of the above [re: delay of the national event to 2021] does not apply to the graphics exhibition titled Supernatural Horror in Literature, organised jointly with the Memento Morri Association. Due to the nature of the exhibition and the venue, the opening of this exhibition will continue as planned on 8th September 2020.

The show will, appropriately enough, be at “the Cat (1084 Budapest, Berkocsis utca 23.)” and run for a month.

Entry deadline: 11th August 2020, and physical framed works need to be shipped to Hungary in good time.

The Cat, Budapest.