Rather usefully for some, there’s now a biographical-survey directory to Who’s Who In New Pulp, published by Airship 27 Productions at £4 in Kindle. The book includes artists, editors and publishers as well as writers. In its first edition it appears to be a working Who’s Who directory for the field, rather than a survey of the tales, themes and ideas. Probably also of interest to early-bird collectors.

The book has been compiled and edited by veteran comics writer Ron Fortier, now turned neo-pulpster. Ron also has a My Life in Comics (a Memoir) ebook available.

One of the pulp genres looking increasingly lively is the Weird Western, and historians are also taking an interest. Dark Worlds Quarterly also has a short but useful new historical survey of Weird Westerns and Lee Winters.

Probably the longest running series of Weird Westerns is the Lee Winters stories of Lon Thomas Williams. (1890-1978). Williams’ Deputy Marshall encounters all kinds of strange ghosts and less explained phenomena out in the desert.

In games I hear that there’s also a substantial action-RPG videogame with the same theme, Weird West. The isometric view and turn-based combat doesn’t make it look very appealing, but I guess I might have once thought the same about the superb Titan Quest. There’s a trailer, but no release date beyond “2021”.