The real-time-comic styled sci-fi AAA vidogame Borderlands 3 has a new strongly Lovecraftian makeover, in the form of its major “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” premium DLC. On release now, it’s apparently it’s a great success and even strongly improves a vital aspect of the game.

Kotaku’s review sums it up (partial spoilers)…

The scenery on Xylourgos is […] a massive (and dead) monstrosity known as Gythian serves as the centerpiece, and inhabitants have built a town directly under its corpse. Gythian is an ever-present aspect of the environment and storyline, with tentacles stretching both literally and metaphorically across the planet’s vast wastelands. [The alien planet] Xylourgos is also cloaked in darkness thanks to a perpetual solar eclipse, the thin glimpses of light that manage to escape casting an eerie blue-green hue over the icy landscape.

Gythian is an obvious homage to Lovecraftian deities like Cthulhu [with] a cult that worships Gythian’s heart as part of some bizarre love ritual. There’s also an NPC [non-player character] who believes himself to be a fishman a la “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and asks the player to lower him into a frozen lake to commune with his fish queen.

Borderlands 3 isn’t a game known for its incredible boss fights. They usually go a little something like this: a giant bad guy appears [at the end of the game’s level] and you shoot them until they die. [Yet here the player at last gets] a boss fight that actually feels difficult, compelling, and rewarding […] it makes a nice change from defeating Borderlands bosses through brute force.

[…] one of the most enjoyable romps I’ve had with the Borderlands series since it debuted in 2009.”

Sounds great. Doubtless there will be a gazillion play-throughs on YouTube before the weekend is out, so go there if you want to see more of what the game looks and plays like.