The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom: Volume One: A Tour of the 1930s is a lavishly illustrated 516-page new book. The $150 first edition is said to have sold out already, but there’s an ebook at a still-hefty $40.

Some have called it a “sumptuous scrapbook”. John Locke (The Thing’s Incredible! The Secret Origins of Weird Tales) has called the book…

“A much more detailed portrait of First Fandom than previously available”

There’s also the interesting addition of… “Original narrative comics, that bring to life key events”.

I can’t immediately find scholarly or otherwise weighty reviews. I’m thus uncertain if it offers a few nods toward less public and less photogenic networks, such as Lovecraft and his circles. Ideally one would want a whole chapter on the influence of that on early science fiction, but it might be tough to find quality archival pictures.