Blambot will be having a 30%-off sale, starting Monday 2nd December. They specialise in digital comic-book lettering fonts, production quality but at a much lower cost than the $80-ers over at ComicCraft. Probably about a dozen are well-suited to the summoning of eldritch comics.

Those looking for digital comics production software for the desktop may also be interested to know that Poser Pro 11 is down to a bargain $164 this weekend, and that Clip Studio Paint EX (Manga Studio) is 50% off at $109.

However, at Black Friday prices, getting Poser + Comic Life 3 would be the alternative and about $70 cheaper. Thus enabling you to spend the saved $70 on two or three workhorse lettering fonts from Blambot. Comic Life is the way to go if you want panel/page layout, lettering and balloons to be as simple as possible, but still have nice slick output. Could be augmented with the free Krita, for additional over-inking work. Krita’s brushes have improved enormously with the latest 4.x version.

All the above use perpetual licences, so there’s none of that ‘subscription/rental’ malarkey.