Two new books on Breccia are due soon:

Breccia : Conversations avec Juan Sasturain is transcribed previously-unpublished tape interviews in French translation, plus a detailed chronology and newly published art. 460 pages in French. Amazon says October, the publisher says November 2019.

Alberto Breccia, le Maitre Argentin Insoumis. A book by the curator of recent exhibitions in France on Breccia, who is currently preparing a forthcoming… “major retrospective on Breccia, to be held in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture”. 128 pages, in French but it seems to be well illustrated, and is apparently limited to 800 copies. Both the publisher and Amazon say October 2019.

If you want a taster of his Lovecraft comics art, see Revista El Pendulo No. 1 (1979) which has recently arrived on due to an Argentine historical journals digitisation project. This issue has a 15-page Breccia comics adaptation of Lovecraft’s “The Whisperer in Darkness”. In Spanish, but still worth seeing for the masterly art alone…

The comic is followed by a Lovecraft article by Mosig, again in Spanish. This was graced by a Moebius panel depicting Lovecraft. The article was a Spanish translation of Mosig’s essay “Poet of the Unconscious”, which had first appeared in The Platte Valley Review, Vol. 6, No. 1, April 1978.

The next issue Revista El Pendulo No. 2 (1979) had a short interview with Breccia in Spanish.

Revista El Pendulo seems to have been a brief attempt at publishing an Argentine equivalent of Toutain’s 1984 and its various licensees and imitators, and as such Pendulo’s issues are not ‘safe for work’ today.

The Mosig essay led me to discover that his Mosig at Last (1997) book of collected Lovecraft essays is still available at $7.95 from Necronomicon Press, which means that Lovecraftians and academics can bypass the Cthulhu-sized prices asked for it on Amazon and eBay.