A new Italian review has further details of the new Italian book L’orrore di Lovecraft, which I noticed in a post some weeks ago but couldn’t quite figure out to what extent it might be an artbook. Although richly produced and illustrated, it’s actually more of an anthology.

It has 40 Mythos stories by various writers, and the review makes these sound like standard-fare. But the book also has four essays, plus a new Italian translation of Lovecraft’s “The Tomb”. A Deluxe colour two-volume edition also has a new Italian translation of “The Dunwich Horror” by “Professor Busnelli Miriam”. The essays, apparently left unread by the reviewer, are in translated-title:

“The ‘reverse’ positivism of H.P. Lovecraft” / “Il positivismo ‘inverso’ di H.P. Lovecraft”, by Stefano Spataro.

“Lovecraft and the in-communicability of materialism” / “Lovecraft e l’incomunicabilita del materialismo” by Giacomo De Colle.

“The” Weird Music Of H.P. Lovecraft” / “The “Weird” Music Of H.P. Lovecraft” by Cesare Buttaboni. [possibly in English?]

“Lovecraft: a journey into the unknowable” | Lovecraft: un viaggio nell’inconoscibile” by Daniela Ferraro Pozzer.

The Deluxe edition is a large-format colour version for collectors in two volumes, presumably so that the art can be fully enjoyed.