Scandinavian artist Katharsisdrill kindly places his work under full Creative Commons Attribution. Attribute uses to Katharsisdrill and mention “Made with Krita“.

* A Nordic-style Christmas Card and ‘Christmas Card from R’lyeh’…

* Abdul Alhazred

* Nyarlathotep

* Those in search of interior ornaments for their book will also like his Squid mandalas, and the Kraken dividers, under the same licence.

These can be all reworked, with colouring etc, and commercially used on book covers and suchlike. You just need to credit Katharsisdrill and mention he uses the excellent free open source Krita 4.x software.

He also does an episodic Mockman / Corben-style comic strip, which is also at his blog. Some pages of which are ‘not safe for work’. I’d also warn that he uses a deeply unintuitive blogging system, on the Danish social site, and perusing and finding links to the individual posts and full-size images is not at all easy. It’s not quite as bad as Tumblr, but nearly.